Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nook Color Barnes & Noble Digital products team

last month, after many very smart people worked together many long long days, Barnes and Noble released a new incredible product - NOOK COLOR!!! It is the first personal reader that allows you to get magazines and newspapers (that's in addition to gazillion of books already available!) on your nook! Anyways, bla bla bla it's the best - everyone already knows that !
But, I was so very lucky to be their photographer and took a group picture of the team responsible for this release as the way to preserve this historical moment for our future generations :)
here they are...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks Thanks Thanks to everyone who's following my blog

I'm SO happy to see more and more page hits for my blog every day and want to thank everyone for visiting!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some cool shots from my travels

Now that winter is at full strength and a year is almost over, it feels really good to remember great summer travels. Ahh, I'm really looking forward to visiting new places next summer!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

David goes to work - San Francisco Kids Photographer

Meet David. This little guy is 2.5 and super fun. I was trying to follow him for 30min to take pics and he kept telling me NOT to interrupt him, as he has to work :)
To fully understand how super cute he is - you have to meet him. I will really enjoy seeing him growing up; there is no doubt that he will become an extraordinary young men. We do have a few years before that happens, and meanwhile enjoy the pics :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a promo you can't miss!!! - San Francisco Family Photographer

If you live in Bay Area and like free stuff you may like this!
I'm giving out a free photo shoot to a person who sends the most "likes" to YuliaPhoto Facebook page.

If interested, send your friends my way, they have to press the "Like" button  and post a message on the wall, shortly explaining why you deserve a free photo shoot (and a print of your favorite image!)

Winner determined on Jan 1st. Use for yourself or give it as a gift!!! It's so easy, so don't miss a chance and start new year  with new pictures!!!

Happy Anniversary!!

These few week were so super busy for me with all kinds of photo projects!! When professional life gets intense I tend to think of my own needs the last .. SO this weekend was our wedding anniversary of 7 years.. My fabulous husband planned a surprise getaway trip and on a rainy, quite Sunday afternoon we were in fabulous Napa. I really love winter in Napa, you always always get private winery tours (which you will enjoy if you ever been at the winery staffed with people) there you can ask all the questions you want and may be try something not on the menu and really learn and understand (if that's what you're after :)). Plus I love it when it rains there, and the trees and vines and everything around looks different. And for the most I love the feeling being by ourselves, and not a part of a huge tourist crowd; being able to discover the place over and over again, and seeing it so differently every time we go (may be wine helps with that :) ) 
Anywaus, going back to my point -  if you think that I charged my camera battery you are wrong. It was dead after 5 minutes shooting.. So I only have a couple images left, hopefully enough to remind me of such beautiful and happy day! Here they are..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Azadeh Fashion Show - San Francisco Fashion Photographer

This week I photographed Azadeh Fashion Show taking place at Fairmont as a part of non profit luncheon.
I love events - all kinds, so this was really fun for me. The heat behind the scenes could only be compared with New York fashion week :), everyone preparing, stressing out and working on last minute touches. All to make the show fabulous - which it was!!
All the clothes was really exquisite. And as I learned later today, the creator of this fabulous collection - Azadeh, was designing for Royal family of Saudi Arabia and later worked as a head designer for BEBE. She now lives and works in San Francisco, creating one of a kind special occasion gowns.
Also! the the beloved house wife of orange county Gretchen Rossi was a huge part of this show.. See the pics..