Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

These few week were so super busy for me with all kinds of photo projects!! When professional life gets intense I tend to think of my own needs the last .. SO this weekend was our wedding anniversary of 7 years.. My fabulous husband planned a surprise getaway trip and on a rainy, quite Sunday afternoon we were in fabulous Napa. I really love winter in Napa, you always always get private winery tours (which you will enjoy if you ever been at the winery staffed with people) there you can ask all the questions you want and may be try something not on the menu and really learn and understand (if that's what you're after :)). Plus I love it when it rains there, and the trees and vines and everything around looks different. And for the most I love the feeling being by ourselves, and not a part of a huge tourist crowd; being able to discover the place over and over again, and seeing it so differently every time we go (may be wine helps with that :) ) 
Anywaus, going back to my point -  if you think that I charged my camera battery you are wrong. It was dead after 5 minutes shooting.. So I only have a couple images left, hopefully enough to remind me of such beautiful and happy day! Here they are..

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